Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Employee Relations And Customer Satisfaction Case Study

Employee Relations And Customer Satisfaction - Case Study Example It is the classification of a society according to the values, interests, and behaviors. It is determined by the social categories’ income, education, wealth among other factors. The higher the classification of a people in society, the greater their ability to afford a better lifestyle. The society is mostly categorized in divisions of high class, the middle class, the working class and the low-class citizens. A higher class of people will desire the banking services of a higher class and vice versa (Beryl, 1996). Subculture, yet another characteristic refers to who share certain values, based on their similar experiences in life and exposure to similar situations. These groups of a society exhibit similar buying characteristics since their taste and preferences in purchasing products and services are influenced by similarity is situations and experiences. These are the characteristics that play a major role in determining the tastes and preferences of individuals or groups of people in the society that also influences the banking services and facilities they seek (Jefferson, 2011). The buyer makes a decision to purchase goods and services by following a process well defined. The buyer first recognizes the needs and wants that they have, which needs to be fulfilled. Information search follows, where the buyer seeks to understand the ranges of products and services that can meet their identified needs. The buyer then embarks on analyzing the alternatives provided to him, based on the potential range of products and services that can meet their needs (Heskett, 2008). The buyer then settles on the product or service to buy. Once he has made the decision on what to purchase, he then goes on and purchases the product, and applies it to fulfill the needs and wants that he had. The last stage of the process is a post-purchase evaluation, where the buyer assesses the products or services he purchased for their suitability to meet his needs.

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