Sunday, February 16, 2020

Yemaya Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Yemaya - Essay Example I like Verbena Perfume. I am a wise and virtuous mother and the real time as I enjoy dancing. When I am dancing I start slowly and gratefully but I swirls and moves my skirts to demonstrate the rhythm of the waves (Hudes, Quiara Yemayas Belly 29). I build up speed and intensity that shows my immense power. I like seashells, fish, nets, sea horses, anchors and anything associated with the sea. I associate with the stars and the full moon, ducks, and peacocks. My realm is part of the ocean inhabited by plants, fish, and other marine life used by human for food. I am efficient at divination and leaned consultas through hiding behind the door and spying on my husband, Orula. I listen and offer maternal love to any person that needs a mother. I am the great mother who lives and rules of the seas. I control water (part of the sea known to humans) that is vital to life and without me, and life on earth is impossible. No one can defeat me in wars on behalf of my children as I wield a machete with expertise. I control the creative and nurturing forces of the sea (LachatanÃŒÆ'ereÃŒ , Crombet, Christine, Castellanos, Curbelo, and Siegfried 54). I do consultas for clients with epuele (divination chain used by babalawos) despite being a reserved for men. I am the Patron of pregnant women and a spiritual mother of those who feel lonely and lost. I rule over the surface of the Ocean where life is concentrated. I am worshiped in Haitian Vodou as a Moon Goddess, and I protect mothers and their children. Orula is my husband that made a pact with me and told me that I could use the dilogun (cowrie shells) to divine. Through this arrangement, I was able to usher in the custom of using the dilogun shells. Santeros and Santeras employ conduct consults with the cowries while babalawos (priest of Orula) like me use the epuele chain. I am the daughter of Olokun and times Obatala, Orula, Agayu, babalu Aye, Orisha, Oko and Ogun were my husbands at different times. I am the elder

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